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Hero Tip from Terri Marie: Hold On from Terri on Vimeo.


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  "Look today for all the Big Game Signs that are leading you to your destiny."
--Terri Marie

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"Be the Hero of Your Own Game" Book from Terri on Vimeo.

What is The Hero Energy?

We all have an energy inside that can be awakened and lit up. A potent force will ignite within you when you reach the Hero Energy. You will shine inside. This will attract abundance to you. Your life will get richer and more beautiful. The hero energy is an energy that can transform yourselves and your world if you know how to use it. It is your most powerful God given gift. And it is yours.

It is the Merging of male and female. The marriage of hero and heroine creates the third energy - the HERO Energy. The male higher self (or put another way - higher self esteem – which is a critical part of the higher self) and the female higher self merge and this creates the Third Energy. Often have one of the higher energies emerging. For example, the males will have at least part of the male hero energy but the female higher self part of them is underdeveloped. Or a female who is too nurturing to others so that little action is taken.

The Hero doesn’t exactly get a "goal." The Hero gets a Task. Heroes are given something to do to accomplish - The "Task." Every step of the task is important to the making of the hero. It’s all part of the task. If you have a goal and you don’t reach it, you fail. You can’t fail at the hero’s task unless you do not even attempt it. No matter what, the hero will awaken. You’ve got to raise your hand to get this task.

Be willing to raise your hand now. Step into the glorious Hero energy that is there for every single one of you.